Extra virgin olive oil


Of excellent quality with exclusive organoleptic features, it contains the ancient and unique flavors of a land rich in traditions as Tuscany. The varieties of olives Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio, are rigorously selected during the harvest by hand and they are crushed on the same day of the collection to ensure the high quality of it. Pleasant and fresh with all kinds of dishes, it enhances itself especially with “Fettunta” (large slices of grilled bread with garlic and olive oil) and “Bruschetta” (large slices of grilled bread with garlic, tomatoes and olive oil), timeless dishes of traditional Tuscan cuisine.



Varieties of olives: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio

Olive harvest: manually, between late October and mid-November

Organoleptic notes: of emerald green color and with an intense and fruity aroma with notes of artichoke and chicory, it has a full and well-balanced taste with a slightly spicy finish.

Pairing: suitable for all kinds of seasonings both raw and cooked, it gives freshness to the dish. Equipped with a high resistance to heat it can also be used for fried foods, preserving the nutritional value of it. Recently used also in patisserie, it revealed itself the prominence element for the preparation of desserts with intense flavors, with the advantage to give greater digestibility and lightness to the cooked desserts.

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